In Love With Lymington

In July myself, my boyfriend Ben, my sister Mia and her boyfriend Harry spent 3 nights camping in the New Forest to celebrate Mia’s birthday. Our campsite was lovely, horses and trees everywhere, and the great weather we’ve been having continued. Read my full post on our trip to the New Forest here!

newforest1For our first full day, and Mia’s birthday, we woke up early to gorgeous sunlight and that perfect quiet morning that just isn’t the same in towns and cities. Of course, waking up practically on the floor after our inflatable mattress decided to deflate wasn’t ideal! Mia opened her birthday cards over breakfast, with a friendly horse coming to wish her happy birthday (or trying to get some food, but I like to think it was to say happy birthday).

We decided to avoid any ‘holiday guilt’ – it can’t just be us that feels the need to do loads of activities and sightseeing on holiday? – by perusing the ‘Things To Do’ booklet and settled upon visiting the nearby harbour town of Lymington.

After a short drive we were there and started by taking a look at the main highstreet, which was also home to a fabulous market! There were plenty of great shops, me and Mia went a bit crazy in one of the card shops after growing bored of the chain store offerings, I have cards for the next two years at least! The market itself was lovely, there were some lovely stalls with delicious food, artwork and handcrafted wooden statues.


After a walk around the market we made our way to the harbour. There were people doing kayaking, as well as those who owned their own boats getting ready to set off, and children and adults crabbing! There was even a pirate boat tour!

We sat for awhile, watching the world go by, which gave me and Ben time to decide we wanted to be boat people – something that we officially crowned ourselves in Christchurch (post coming soon!)

lymington21.jpgWe paid a visit to the New Forest Ice Cream Parlour for some birthday ice cream. The staff were very friendly and the parlour was beautiful, but most importantly the ice cream was incredible! I had a scoop of the honeycomb swirl and one of the millionaires shortcake, the honeycomb was definitely the winner! With flavours liked Mocha Swirl, Peach Melba and Rhubarb & Ginger there really is something for everyone to try.

After our refreshing ice creams we drove over to Lymington’s adventure golf course, a glorious 18 hole course that kept us entertained for around an hour. It wasn’t too bust when we went which meant we didn’t have to spend time waiting for holes or apologise when me and Mia accidentally hit our balls onto the other holes! It was great, slightly competitive, fun with plenty of hills, a ferry ride and courses featuring water, rocks and a bus! Even Harry, who plays traditional golf, found it a fun challenge – and after getting a hole in one he was given a special sticker, and yes, he was happier about the sticker than beating us all. The staff were lovely and they sell refreshments that were definitely needed as the sun had decided to come out.


We made our way back to the campsite, a little sunburnt but happy and full of ice cream – a great day out!

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  1. […] After our trip to Lymington we were ready to explore somewhere new on our final full day in the forest. After much debating we decided to take the ferry to the Isle of Wight to explore and pay a visit to Osborn house. Unfortunately things didn’t really go to plan… We arrived at the port in Lymington (there are others but as this was the nearest we thought it would be easier) around 12 and were told that whilst we could get out there coming back was going to be more of a problem, the only ferries back with space were at 3pm or 10pm, with the campsite car gates closing at 10:30pm we thought this would pushing it a bit, and 3 hours not offering us enough time. Lesson learnt, next time book in advance because trips involving ferries are not made for spontaneity. […]


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