The Nose – Book Review

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Side note: for this review I’m going to try adding a daisy rating and change up my structuring a little.

The Nose by Nikolai Gogol is a short story about the disappearance of a nose from the College Inspector’s face. The nose turns up all over the place before returning to the Inspector.

After reading this review I wanted to give the book a try, and even though I loved this review and wanted to like the story I found I just couldn’t get into it. Honestly I’m a little annoyed at myself for not liking it, and as an English student I’m ashamed that I didn’t.

So, why didn’t I enjoy this story? Part of it is my own fault, I wanted it to be like The Metamorphosis by Kafka, a story I adored. But it just wasn’t. With this expectation hanging over it I suppose I didn’t give the story a fair chance and, in the future, should reread it.

However, the story is interesting and if you’re willing to work at it you can reveal the complex government system, a realistic Russia and humour within. I also enjoy finding out about censorship at the time from the notes within the novel; ‘such was the severity and idiocy of the censorship in Gogol’s day, that in the original version Kazan Cathedral had to be replaced by a shopping arcade, on the ground of ‘blasphemy’. Censorship within literature is something that I find infinitely interesting.

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Whilst I’m glad I read the story, I’m not sure I gained what I should have from it. Whilst I will definitely read it again with fresh a fresh mind that will be some years away. Please do read the original review for an alternative view!

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