Top Ten Books To Try If You Like Libba Bray

A fabulous list of books to try once you’ve read Libba Bray – and if you haven’t read any of Bray’s books why not check out my review on A Great And Terrible Beauty.

Belle of the Library

Hey guys!  So easily the most active post I’ve written is this one called Top Ten Books To Try If You Like Sarah J. Maas.  It gets so many views that I thought maybe I needed to try doing this with other authors, too.

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Libba Bray is an author I have respected since I was in 7th grade and got hooked on A Great and Terrible Beauty.  As an author, she tends to write historical fiction with elements of magic/fantasy.  She also finds a way to write hysterically funny pieces, like Beauty Queens.  But basically, she’s writing about strong female characters who, because of their society (be it late 1800s, 1920s, or now) are oppressed and not able to fully share their (usually magical) gifts except with others like them.  So that’s the idea that I focused on as I looked for books with similar writing styles/themes. …

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