Crazy For Cambridge

With England opening up and returning to a ‘new normal’ I decided to take a whistlestop tour of Cambridge. A few years ago I went to Oxford, you can read about that here, and I was excited to compare the two.

Getting There:

Getting to Cambridge from London is easy with trains from London Bridge, London Liverpool Street and Kings Cross, making it perfect for a day trip.

Things To Do In Cambridge:

Due to COVID-19 Cambridge University’s college buildings aren’t currently open and when I visited the Fitzwilliam Museum was also closed, but has since reopened. However, there was still plenty to do and see.

Cambridge college backs, including Kings College
The Backs

Whilst the colleges are closed, walking around Cambridge it is possible to take in the beautiful exteriors and walk along The Backs. It was a peaceful walk along this iconic stretch of gravel paths, taking in the lovely architecture. Punting tours are running and would be a great way to get closer, due to my limited time I decided not to take a tour, however, would do so if I were to go back.

Around Cambridge there’s plenty to see, including the Round Church, Mathematical Bridge, lovely old terraced houses with tall chimneys, and more coffee shops and pubs than you could believe!

I did a fair amount of window shopping, as well as a number of shops selling Cambridge University branded souvenirs there are some wonderful independent shops. I really don’t have room in my house for anything else and I’m trying not to add to magnet collection anymore, my go-to memento.

Where To Eat & Drink:

I visited an amazing coffee and cake stall at All Saints Garden on St Johns Street. Serving coffee, cold drinks and cakes, a nearby piano busker added to the serenity.

I’d recommend the moreish orange and walnut cake or the magnificent, moist brownie  – or both!

For dinner we headed to The Eagle, dating to the 14th Century, famous for being where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of the DNA helix. The cool beer garden and a pint of Brewdogs Punk IPA was very welcome after a hot day walking around the city. The burgers are amazing – although not as good as the one I had at the Fat Cat Pub in Prague, it’s been a year since I visited and I still dream about this burger.

Even with the COVID measures in place the ambience was great. Due to the COVID measures we sat outside, and didn’t get a good lock around the other features of the pub, including the signatures of WWII RAF pilots.

COVID Considerations

There is of course one thing that we can’t forget no matter where we visit: COVID-19. In Cambridge there were painted signs on the floor to remind people in maintain social distancing reminders in shops and cafes to wear masks.