24 Hours in Wonderful Windsor

Earlier this year I took a trip to Windsor with a friend, it was my first time there and despite the chill in the air I really enjoyed the quaint historic market town. Even if you only have amount of time, there is plenty of things to do in Windsor for families and couples.

Things To Do In Windsor:

Our first port of call was a walk, we made our way from the train station up to the castle, a very short walk with a lovely view of the castle at the end. Weaving our way through Windsor town centre, we started the famous Long Walk through Windsor Great Park. As it was Thursday it was blissfully quiet. We didn’t make it all the way to the end but we made a good effort!

After a quick trip to the pub (see below) we attempted a walk along the river. At first this was lovely and peaceful, however, the further we go the muddier it got – an adventure best tried again in Summer! After cleaning out shoes we went over the bridge to Eton. Of course we made sure to spot some of the Eton students, dressed in the finery. It’s hard not to wonder which ones would eventually be sitting on the benches of Parliament one day.

Eton and Windsor have lots of shopping options, a highlight being the Eton Antique Bookshop on the high street.

To Drink:

We decided to pop into The Corner House, Ale & Cider House. This lovely pub has a great atmosphere and lovely staff, it boasts ’10 real ale pumps, 5 hand-pulled ciders, and 10 keg lines’, which was music to my taste buds. The men behind the bar were lovely and let me sample before deciding on my pint, I opted for the Republika Pilsner, a British pilsner lager first brewed by Windsor and Eton. Brilliantly refreshing after our walk.

We decided to walk through some more of the main shopping centre, popping into a few shops, before hoping over the bridge to Eton.

To Eat:

It’s not hard to find somewhere to eat in Windsor and Eton, there are plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes to pick from. We ate at the Flaming Cow for lunch, they have a great £10 lunch deal that includes a main, side and a drink. It was only just 12 when we sat down so we were able to get a table by the window and tuck into our juicy burgers whilst people watching. Services was fast and the waiter was very attentive, making sure we had everything we needed.

For dinner we opted for chain restaurant Tapas Revolution, they were giving out free samples in the day and this tempted us for a full meal. We ordered three tapas dishes, including patatas bravas (of course!), chicken paella, churros with melted chocolate and plenty of sangria. The food was delicious, however, we both felt the paella could have been better but really loved the sangria. The atmosphere was excellent with a great intimate feel.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed our winter day trip to Windsor and I would recommend it to anyone travelling around England.