I Owe You One – Book Review

For my first book review in a long time I’m reviewing I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella, as featured in my WWW Wednesday post.

Fixie Farr has to fix everything, vases that you haven’t touched in years need straightening? Need someone to watch your stuff for you in a busy coffee shop? Maybe you even require an ambulance and urgent medical attention? She’s your woman. I Owe You One is written with Kinsella’s usual humour and ease.

Fixie works in the family shop alongside her mum, still recovering from her failed attempt at starting a catering business. Her mum was a lovely addition to the story, the way Kinsella writes about her comforting presence is realistic and evokes my relationships with my own mum, someone who is solid and seems to be able to calm every situation. When Fixie and her siblings Jake and Nicole are left in charge of the shop, forced to confront the tensions in their relationships and their late dad’s notion of ‘family first’. Nicole is intent on becoming insta-famous and Jake wants to turn the shop into the next Harrods. Fixie wants to stay true to the vision her dad had for the store. Que a number of humorous, although still relatable, arguments between the siblings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Kinsella presented that complex family dynamics and watching Fixie attempt stand-up to her older siblings. However, I felt Nicole was not as fleshed out as the rest of the world created by Kinsella. Nicole’s inability to finish her sentences or measure spaghetti was, at times, irritating.

The romantic interests of the story come in the form of Ryan and Seb. Ryan is Fixie’s school crush turned arrogant playboy. Seb appears in Fixie’s life after she saves his laptop from certain ruin, starting a funny and adorable exchange of IOUs. Then there’s Ryan, who hasn’t been Fixie, quietly in love with someone and desperately to see the best in them? I did find the relationship between Seb and Fixie lacked depth, however, as a fun, easy read I didn’t feel it detracted from the overall enjoyment of the novel.

There are a number of funny moments and there is a fullness to the supporting characters that makes this an enjoyable, lighthearted read that is perfect for any quarantine reading list.

I’m cheating a little with my favourite lines and have picked the below extract: