The Friday Five… New Hobbies To Take Up

This Week: Five Lockdown Boredom Busters

No. One

My favourite way to spend free time is to learn something new, this has included learning to draw, sew and origami. With the extra time I now have on my hands I’ve started taking some baby steps into felting.

In the M&S Christmas sale I treated myself to a reduced ‘Make Your Own Felt Decorations’ kit. It’s more cutting and stitching than proper stabbing things with a needle. However, in order to get some more practice with real felting I used spare wool/felt to add texture to my felt animal zoo creatures. I absolutely loved my first steps into this craft and am making use of the left over supplies and some old felt for more projects!

If you have neighbours you could deliver your creations to them, bringing them a little bit of joy in these uncertain times.

Learning a new craft is a great way to spend a few hours, especially if you’re trying to find new ways to entertain the kids. Have you tried any new crafts or hobbies?

No. Two

You know all of those books that you’ve always been saying you’ll read one day? Well, today is that day. Without daily commutes and no one to gossip with in the lunch hour carve out some extra time for reading. I used to spend 4 hours a day commuting and often found I was too tired or too stressed from work to read.

I personally found it helpful to go through all of my books, making a list of those I haven’t read, and a few that I want to read again.

You could even set up a book club with your friends and families, facetime and ebooks are wonderful things!

No. Three

Picking up a pen and writing. Like most people I have a stack of notebooks, probably more than I could ever use. I’ve started writing poetry, short fiction, lists, journal entries, everything!

Lists and journaling is helping me to work through my thoughts and anxiety in the current climate, writing poetry is helping me when these fail.

No. Four

Get healthy! There are loads of amazing Apps out there to help with your physical fitness, my personal favourite is the Nike one. But don’t forget about your mental health, Apps like Headspace and Calm are great for taking some time for yourself, self care doesn’t have to be bath bombs and ice cream!

I’m also challenging myself to eat 6 pieces of fruit and veg a day. It might sound easy but stuck at home with plenty of bread and junk food I find myself reaching for the biscuits instead of an apple. Of course, it isn’t always possible with the food supply issues, but I’m trying my best to start good habits now and carry these forward into 2020 part two.

No. Five

With all the restrictions currently in place travelling right now isn’t an option. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go over some of your old trip mementos and memories, and do some serious research into your next adventures.

  1. I’m planning to go wild camping and hiking in Scotland, so I’m spending this time looking for the best trails, where I could stop into the occasional hotel for a proper shower and bed, and listing the things I might need.
  2. I’ve also written blog posts for previous trips, reminding me why I fell in love with certain places, through the mass of tickets and leaflets I thought I’d want to keep forever!

See a list of my previous travels here, including Bruges, London and Prague. Hopefully there will be something to inspire you!

Bonus Round

If you’re able to then I’d definitely recommend finding a way to help others. I’ve started volunteering at my local food bank, helping to pack bags and talking to those in need in the community.

It doesn’t have to be an organised activity, why not bake some cupcakes for your neighbours or volunteer your kids to mow lawns? There are so many small ways to help and bring some positivity into the lives of others.

I’m also really enjoying Raggie Writes‘ ‘A Quote A Day To Keep The Lockdown Blues Away’ and Taking on a World of Words ‘WWW Wednesdays’, I always manage to come away with several new books on my never ending to-read list!