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Quidditch Through The Ages was released years ago, like the back when I used to wear jelly shoes sort of ages ago – also, why don’t we still wear jelly shoes?

The book was released for Comic Relief and was similar to the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them book, which I think must have been released for Comic Relief too, although I can’t find my actual copy to check/I’m trying not to Google everything. Of course, Fantastic Beasts went on to be a huge, in my opinion pretty brilliant, film, whilst Quidditch has yet to find a starring role.

However, this little extra is great in the way that any of the additions to the Potter universe are, making the world much richer and more textured. For example, even the ‘Praise for Quidditch Through The Ages’ features quotes from Bathilda Bagshot and Rita Skeeter – who claimed she’d ‘read worse’. The foreword by Dumbledore is also a lovely touch because a) who doesn’t miss Dumbledore and wish we had him as our headmaster? and b) it ‘explains’ that librarian Madame Prince was shocked to find out the book was to be made ‘available to muggles, she was rendered temporarily speechless and neither moved nor blinked for several minutes’. JK Rowling really does wholly accept you into her universe in such an expert way, even if you don’t want to accept your muggle status!book34

This book is similar to Fantastic Beasts and acts like a text book, something some may find dry, but I believe it’s a great little read. How else will you know how the golden snitch came into being? (Golden Snidgets were hunted back in the day, and in 1269 in one game whoever caught the Golden Snidget introduced would get 150 Galleons. When Golden Snidgets started to struggle in the wild and opposition grew to hunting these little creatures Bowman Wright, from Godric’s Hollow of course, invented the Golden Snitch for the game).


There are articles from The Daily Prophet, a look at famous teams from all over the world like the Heidelber Hariers and the Caerphilly Catapults, and a general history of the sport and the rules.

titlespash2 verdict

Absolutely brilliant! If you haven’t already it’s time immerse yourself into the Harry Potter universe once more!

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