Canterbury Cathedral Creepin’

On a walk around Canterbury last Sunday me and Ben decided to take a walk around the Cathedral grounds. I’ve been into the grounds of the Cathedral before on Sundays, however this time we decided to walk to the right and found another entrance to some of the external parts of the Cathedral! Now, I didn’t have a rebellious phase as a teenager and at 21 I’m probably too old, so with that in mind, I’m going to say that I snuck into the Cathedral. At first it certainly felt like we had slipped in unnoticed and were at risk of being locked in overnight.


I haven’t been inside the Cathedral for years, although students of the town’s universities do get free entry so I’ll be utilising that this year! I’d forgotten how beautiful it was, from the arches to the ceilings with different shields engraved there.


Being in the Cathedral as the sun was starting to set was incredibly tranquil. Whilst I’m not a particularly religious or spiritual person I felt a peaceful power standing there in the quiet evening.


We did eventually stumble upon some other people who had come through the same, completely ok way to come in… but I’m still going to claim I snuck into the Cathedral!

Perhaps you’ve had your own rebellious moment, feel free to share bellow!

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