Pokemon Go – Community Day, Eevee and Evolution Stones

Something a little different today, I’ve changed up my posting from every other day to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, plus a weekend post if I come across something interesting. These weekend posts I’ve decided will be my space to talk about anything and everything… although most likely more books and interesting places!

Today’s weekend post, however, is about neither of my usual topics, instead I’m writing about Pokémon Go, a game I vehemently refused to start playing when I first met Ben, and at the start of this year downloaded and started to love. I even have a Pokeball on my keys now, and a little kyogre for my desk.

For why I love Pokemon Go, my thoughts on this Community Weekend and why Evolution Stones should be added to the game keep reading!


Part of the reason I love Pokémon Go is that it’s something Ben and I can do together, but a big part of it is that it’s a great excuse to get out of the house – for those that don’t play you have to walk around to find and hatch different Pokémon.pokemon2

This weekend was another Community Day. This is an event that features a specific Pokémon and for 3 hours they appear more frequently. It’s a good way for newer players like myself to get different Pokémon and get enough candy to evolve them. As well as serving an in-game function these Community Days also encourage people out onto the streets, allowing you to meet other plays (look for the charging cable!) and take on powerful Pokémon in raids.

So, this weekend’s Community Day was special due to the fact it took place on both Saturday and Sunday, giving players 6 hours of Pokémon goodness. This weekend featured the lovely little Eevee – the name of my future dog, if I get my way! However, I felt there were both pros and cons to this two day extravaganza:


As mentioned above you really do have to catch them all if you want to be able to evolve all the different types, and even then it’s not guaranteed. Plus, with 3 other evolutions to come saving a few shiny ones is a good idea. I was disappointed in getting so few ‘battle of the best’s – shiny or normal – and trading with Ben did help us both to up our numbers of those worth evolving.

There were reports a little while ago that the Gen 4 Eevee evolutions would feature this weekend, although Glaceon and Leafeon failed to appear. Whilst it would have been a cool way to gear up to the big Gen 4 release, but trying to get 7 possible evolutions it would have been a bit much for one weekend.

Reading an article on Forbes about why Evolution Stones would have been a good thing to add to the game, especially for this weekend, convinced me that it would be a good addition. I must admit I don’t really remember Pokémon, apart from the card my sister had and watching Ash and co. on TV. The article, by Paul Tassi, discusses how these would make it easier to evolve a particular evolution. This could be implemented in a number of ways, such as the usual getting them from stops and gyms or getting them by winning raids. I also think getting them randomly when you get a Pokémon, sort of like when you catch a pidgey but it turns out to be a ditto but instead getting the intended Pokémon with an addition of an Evolution Stone for your bag.


  1. Very interesting. Whilst I normally play the original pokemon Ds games, pokemon go is fun when your out and about too. Either way this is very informational and I agree its hard work evolving Evees always getting the same type – I nearly always get vaporeons.

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