My journey into reading & why I think all children should read!

Jenny in Neverland

There’s one thing that you probably already know about me and that’s that I love books. If you learn absolutely nothing else about me during your time on my blog that’s absolutely fine and dandy but do know that books and reading will always be my one true love. Today I’m partnering up with Rossall School for this post and sharing my story on how I got into reading and some reasons why I think it’s super important for children to read. Books are complete magic and the words within the pages are so powerful. Books are the reason I started this blog, which got me out of a really dark, dank place in my life. They’re not only my true love, they’re my savior too. 

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  1. my eldest has 0 interest in book, but my daughter is showing some promise. My youngest is too young to read yet, but like his older brother, he’s showing 0 interest for books.

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    • I know out of my friends the girls and only one of the guys are readers. I do wonder if girls are more inclined to be readers (although I hope not!)

      Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver were a great unisex series (I’ve done a review on the first book here ). The series are set in the Stone Age with elements of spirits and demons. They were great adventure books, and with younger main characters it really appealed to me back then. Although, there are passages that are too focused on the specifics of survival which slowed the pace at the start of the novel. As an adult it was nice to revisit them and remember why I enjoyed them as a child, but definitely better suited to a younger audience.

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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      • I’m obsessed with the fantasy genre – have been for all my life. And didn’t know about the distinction before i wrote a book and wrote a query letter either – it wasn’t something i cared to know since i don’t mind the target audience of what i read as long as it’s good.

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