Reblog – ‘Why I Still Read YA at 27’

This post has reminded me that, even as a Literature student, it’s perfectly ok to read some YA books. YA books are kinder, able to explore a teenage society that I didn’t leave behind that long ago, and can often be wonderfully inventive 🌼

Belle of the Library

In honor of YA Week on Goodreads, I decided to really think about why I still read YA.  Every time I walk into a library or a bookstore, I inevitably end up in the YA section at some point.  It’s my home.  I probably know the section better than those who work there at this point.  But when I make it to the register/checkout desk, I start to feel like I’m being judged.  I mean, I seriously don’t even look like I’m older than like, 22 at best (I get confused with my 8th grade, 13-14 year old students all the time), but there’s a little embarrassment I feel each time someone inspects my choices of reading material.

But why should I be embarrassed?  Truly, what is there to be ashamed of?

When I first started getting into reading (7th/8th grade), I wasn’t reading YA.  I was reading Agatha Christie…

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