Canterbury Calling

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Having moved back to Canterbury this summer I realised how little I’ve done whilst I’ve been here these past few years, so I decided to become a tourist in my own city and rediscover all the things I love about this wonderful city!

Canterbury is a beautiful city with so much to do, see and eat! Below find 5 of the main attractions when visiting Canterbury.


The Cathedral is the obvious draw and has been since the Middle Ages. Architecturally it is breath-taking, and a must see for anyone who comes to Canterbury for the first time. There are lots of repairs going on right now, and whilst the Cathedral has been covered in scaffolding for some time now it’s still a magnificent building.

The Canterbury Tales Attraction explores the world Geoffrey Chaucer created, this involves live actors and audio guides. It’s not necessarily a must do when visiting Canterbury, and I haven’t re-visited since I went a few years ago with my family. However, as a child I did enjoy it and would recommend it to families who want something additional to the Cathedral to entertain the kids!

canterbury5One of my favourite things to do is go to Howletts Wild Animal Park. The Aspinall Foundation do some great work to boost wild populations, including releasing their own animals back into their natural habitats. Personally, I prefer their other park (Port Lympne) as I feel the animals have larger enclosures here. However, Howletts is a really nice day out with plenty of animals to see, and the gift shop still has their ‘gem mine’ – no diamonds to be found here but lots of pretty stones and rocks, I used to absolutely love this as a kid! There are considerably more teenage groups there than I expected, but when we visited it wasn’t too busy and were able to stand by enclosures with ease to try and catch a glimpse of some of the more reclusive animals.canterbury10.jpg

The Marlow Theatre is itself worth a look, it’s modern architecture contrasts with the buildings around it. This difference is particularly obvious when you’re looking down on the city (one of the best places to do this is the bus stop on the UKC campus). However, if you’re staying overnight or don’t mind leaving the city late you can catch some incredible plays, musicals, comedies and ballets here. My favourite was a ballet of the traditional Little Mermaid story. Me and my friend Mia went on a bit of a whim, she’d booked tickets and asked me to go – I’d never been to a ballet so was pretty excited! Whilst we decided to dress up in our fanciest dresses there’s no strict dress code and everyone is welcome. All the seats in the stalls appeared to have a great view, and in a few months I’ll be back both for Dara O’Briain and in the new year will be seeing War Horse.

The city itself is also worth taking time to take in. There are a number of good shops in the centre (Siesta, Queen Bee, a number of independent record shops), and if you take a trip just off the high street you’ll find Catching Lives bookshop, also known as the crooked bookshop,  which is houses in an adorable building and raises money for the homeless in Canterbury – a must for any Instagram bees or anyone simply looking for a bargain book! There are also a number of parks in the city, Westgate Gardens and Dane John Gardens are the most popular but there are plenty of other places to escape the busy city. Of course walking along the winding river is a great way to relax, or if you’re feeling a little fancier that are group and individual river tours – both offer a great way to enjoy the beauty Canterbury has to offer.


I’ll be doing posts about places to eat and drink in Canterbury soon, as well day trips to take in a surrounding area. So, join me for a pig fucker soon!

…. wanna know what a pig fucker is, well you’ll just have to wait until next time!

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  1. I love Canterbury 😊 I don’t live there (I’m about 30 minutes away) but I went to secondary school and uni there so it’s always felt like a home away from home. I used to love going to the Dane John after school – one time someone put bubble bath in the fountain and added in a few rubber ducks 😂 Sam x

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