Ahoy, Me hearties. Chanties were sung, carousing was done t’was Pirate Day in ol’ ‘astings town

Pirate Day 2018 – check out my post on Hastings here

Hastings In Focus

Pirate day has history, heritage and humour. Throw in a bit of colour, crowds, bands, drummers and set it all against the background of a beautiful hot summer’s day and a plentiful supply of food and drink and you have an amazing spectacle.

It’s not everyday the town’s leading politicians will disguise themselves as pirates and take to the streets in swashbuckling garb. But that one day a year when they do is a memorable one and for all the right reasons.

It’s amazing how early in the day the pirates start to emerge, from first thing in the morning the three cornered hats begin to appear, by the height of the day they are everywhere.

Hastings and its people are rightly proud of it’s place in the Guiness Book of Records for having the most pirates in one place at one time. More than 15,000 when the record was…

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