Living It Up At Leeds Castle

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My boyfriend, Ben, is originally from the Kent area and it made sense to spend a lovely summers day at Leeds Castle whilst on a weekend visit to his family.

leeds1Whilst planning your visit you might initially think that the ticket prices are a little steep, however they entitle you to come back for a whole year with no additional charge (unless there are special events on). They take a photo of you as a group which they use for future visits, although you don’t have to go with the entire group for each visit!

leeds3When we visited there was a flower exhibition on. These were placed in each room and were rather beautiful, one of the best was in the dinning room. The displays did make it a little more interesting as, although the castle and grounds are beautiful, there aren’t as many rooms to see as some other historic sites. However, if there isn’t a flower exhibition on it’s still worth a visit, the history is fascinating and there are lots of other things to do there too!

The grounds are stunning and the perfect place for a picnic, there are cafes on site too. You walk through some really lovely grounds on your way to the castle, and there’s plenty of spots to stop and take great photos for the family album.

There are falconry displays, with them passing very close to the audience – great for some but I’m not the biggest fans of birds!

The maze is fun for everyone, me and ben decided to race to see who could get to the end first – I won (or at least that’s what I’m telling people).

There is also a ‘Battle for the Skies’ experience until 30th September that wasn’t available when I visited last year. There are also ticketed events and a number of exhibitions that are included with the original ticket, like the flower exhibition.

And, if you don’t mind spending some extra money, Go Ape is right on site, allowing you to turn it into a full family day out. On our return visit we are planning to try our hand at being Tarzan.

All in all it is a lovely day out, and worth revisiting throughout the year.