Sapphire Skies

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Gin has become a trendy drink recently, but it was something that I liked even back in the days of year 11 house parties. Whilst my GCSE class mates were busy drinking cheap vodka I was happily mixing myself a g&t*.

gin1I moved on from Gordon’s when my sister came back from university with a blue bottle that was so beautiful I threatened to pour out its contents, so I could put fairy lights. She mixed me a drink to show me that this would be a waste of a great drink. My love of Bombay Sapphire was born.

Throughout uni it has been my drink of choice – I was never going to join the vodka and redbull club. And finally, this summer, I got to visit the distillery in …. . Personally I wanted to do the cocktail masterclass, however Ben (the boyfriend) is regional president of the vodka/redbull club. I settled on the self-discovery tour, promising him that it would be really pretty and informative.

The distillery didn’t disappoint! We went mid-week around lunch time and we were one of only four couples booked on our tour time. We were also the youngest people in the entire place, apart from the staff. Ben said this was because ‘gin is an old person thing’….

There being so few people made it easy to take in the beauty of the distillery and their iconic greenhouses. It also meant we could listen to the information points a lot easier (you tap your map on them and they tell you information).

The greenhouse was beautiful both inside and out, and to be honest was one of the main draws of the tour. Although there were butterflies in one of them when we visited, and I may have a tiny little fear of them that can turn me into a weeping mess…

However, the real star is the aroma room, it is a brilliant idea and a great activity! There are loads of jars of different smells and flavours that are used in the gin, and these help with the cocktail picking – the ticket includes a free cocktail at the end!


After the smelling room you go into the distilling hours and learn more about the process and the history from a guide. It’s pretty hot inside and you aren’t able to take photos due to the possibility of sparks being caused due to alcohol vapours in the air.

There’s a small museum where there is a history of the company, as well as a display of the bottles throughout the ages.

After this you make your way to the bar and claim your free cocktail. You can drink this inside or outside, we picked the shaded sofas to watch the sky and hear the river bubbling by. We decided not to have another drink, and after a quick look around the shop (which had some lovely glasses but our cupboards just don’t have the room) we were on our way home.

The whole experience only takes about an hourgin2/an hour and a half. Although if you have a few drinks or do the cocktail class this would make it more of a day out.

It’s a great experience if you’re in that area and a fan of the blue stuff**.


*Before anyone starts a debate on teenage drinking and parenting, my parents taught me to be a responsible drinker with a good understand of the dangers of alcohol, it’s not like we were getting pissed whilst watching The Simpsons.

** no, it’s not actually blue. If you want coloured drinks WKD have a whole thing going on with that.

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