Bundles and Boxes

moving1Ben and I signed our house contract back in November – by which point we hadn’t even been going out a year.After viewing about 5 houses and flats we had a viewing at the flat that would become our home for 4th year, once we told the agent we wanted it we went to ‘Spoons to celebrate. Now, finally, we are moving in! I am ridiculously excited to living with my boyfriend after a year apart. That’s right, in a year and a half relationship we’ve spent a year apart, and even though it wasn’t easy we wouldn’t have been able to live together without it.

Packing was a nightmare. I’d moved back to my parents at the end of my third year at university but most of my stuff was still in bags and boxes, so I thought it’d be easy enough just to swap some things around (we really don’t need three peelers in the flat) but oh, boy, was I wrong. Turns out what I thought were carefully backed boxes and bags were in fact bundles of towels and clothes that I don’t wear. There were batteries, tangle fairylights, twenty packs of opened tissues, and all manner of other things. Instead of the quick 3 day repacking it turned into a full week and I’m not even sure I have everything we’ll need.

Rub a dub dub, let’s wash a rug in a tub

Add onto that making sure I hadn’t put any clothes I wanted to pack in the wash and hand washing a rug in a kiddie pool, I was about ready to cry. Wifi still needs to be sorted, a TV licence needs to be bought and we have a food shopping list long enough to feed a village… here goes nothing!