Homeward to Hastings

‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home’


Heading home is always a bit strange for me. As a student this is still my official, fully time home, but I spend the majority of my time divided between my university house and visiting Ben (the boyfriend) as he’s doing a year long university placement. Well, don’t we all dream of having multiple homes?

Me and Ben decided to surprise my parents by coming home for the weekend back in May. We left ridiculously early to make it to the hastings8beach for early morning, enjoying a few peaceful moments to ourselves before being welcomed with cups of tea and a cooked breakfast.

After a family walk we all headed back to the beach for some sunshine and fish and chips – everyone from a seaside town has their favourite hometown chippy which they swear is the best in the UK, but The Blue Dolphin and The Cod Father really are joint top! We were even there in time to catch some of the Hasting’s Rowing Regatta. It was the day of the Royal Wedding and some kind of football (I may understand the offside rule, but that’s about as far as I ever got). The Royal Wedding and football were being screened both on large outdoor screens and in pubs all over the old town. Although we didn’t plan on watching either we ended up arriving at the pub in time to see Meghan finish her walk up the aisle. Sitting in the Ye Olde Pump House, eating steak (they do a deal of 2 steaks for £22) and watching a wedding wasn’t a bad way to spend the day!


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We spent some time looking around the beautiful, individual shops in the Old Town. You really can find anything here, from beautiful baby clothes to handmade furniture to real vintage wear.

hastings1After a few games in the arcade we played a round of pirate mini golf – there was some definite cheating going on from the parental team!

We finished off the day with Ben insisting he needed my mum to come with him for some secret mission, leaving me and dad to have some cake and a hot drink. Whilst we opted for Debenhams’ café as it has a great view of the pier, there are loads of great individual cafes both in the Old Town and into the newer part, give the 1066 Bakery or The Love Café a try if you find yourself there!

On Sunday we all took a relaxing walk on Pett Level  beach* before me and Ben started the long drive back to his.

There really is no place like home!

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*One of my friends volunteered for the Pett Level Independent Rescue, they do really important work and have an open day on August 26th, find out more on their facebook page and head over if you’re in the area.


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