It Begins

Another blog by a twenty-something girl, you’re probably thinking ‘no thank you, Instagram model wannabe’. But, if you judge this book by its cover I may just throw it (don’t worry, I would never actually do that to a book).

The Age of Escapades will not be full of tips on getting a bikini body (whatever that means) or photos of avocado on toast. Instead I’m going to share my adventures as a somewhat clueless, sarcastic woman.

So, who am I? I’m a fourth year university student in Britain, I’ve studied my BA and now I’m doing an additional qualification in computing. This means I’ve got to wait another year for a cute gown and diploma photo with my parents, but if the whole point of university is to learn then why not try something new for the low, low price of £9,250.

I’m also due to move in with my boyfriend, Ben, in a week. Whilst I’m dreaming of rose petals and candle lit dinners, it’s probably going to be more ‘would you take out the f****** recycling’. Navigating relationships is probably going to be one of my main focuses, along with travel (well, what counts for travel with a student budget), and general life craziness.

Who is this blog for? Everyone. Every single person has interesting stories to tell, and I want to hear them! Perhaps I wrote something that you loved, tell me. Maybe I wrote something you hated or disagreed with, tell me that to – how will I get better and learn otherwise?

How is this blog going to work? I’m going to aim to post at least one thing every two week. Although I’d also like to do more than that, and whilst this blog is still new I definetly what to get us much up as possible. Check out The Book Club for a list of my posts of short book reviews.

What’s coming up? A weekend in Oxford, a family holiday to Bruges, and the big one, moving in with my boyfriend for our final year of university. After that, anything could happen, so join in; read, comment, discuss and maybe even share your own escapades!